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The 8 hour off duty period can be taken in two separate periods (if taken in the sleeper berth), providing that neither period is less than 2 hours and the total Registered owners are responsible for ensuring that each bus, truck or trailer owned by them receives the required annual inspection. This applies to all of the carrier’s drivers of those commercial vehicles, even those who have never personally operated the vehicles outside of Alberta. HelpSearch within these regulations: Table of Contents Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations1 - Interpretation 2 - Application 3 - Directors 4 - Responsibilities of Motor Carriers, Shippers, Consignees and Check This Out

The requirements apply to the drivers of vehicles with a registered gross weight of 11,794 kilograms or more for intraprovincial carriers, or drivers of buses with a seating capacity of more At the request of the motor carrier by whom the driver is employed or otherwise engaged, waiting in readiness for work at any place other than (a) a private residence, or The inspection must take place at a licensed inspection station by or under the supervision of a licensed inspection mechanic. Transport Canada regulates extra-provincial undertakings by both truck and bus carriers while each provincial and territorial jurisdiction regulates intra-provincial undertakings.On January 1, 2007, Transport Canada implemented new regulations that govern federally

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Highway 1/791 Safety Presentation Home Government Search Accessibility Site Map Using this Site Privacy Contact Us Government Expense Disclosure © 1995 - 2017 Government of Alberta Copyright and Disclaimer Contact Us Traveling as a co-driver (unless time is spent in the sleeper berth). 5. Driving a vehicle. 4. In addition, for each information module, we have included a PowerPoint file that summarizes the information in that module and that can also be used by an instructor to lead people

The Board may prohibit this exception if the reduction in off duty time is thought likely to jeopardize the safety or health of the driver or the general public. These carriers must have an Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) displaying a “Federal” Operating Status or an equivalent certificate issued by another jurisdiction. Any vehicle primarily transporting agricultural products where the driver is a bona fide farmer who owns or produced the agricultural product, or is an employee of that farmer; or any 2 Alberta Hours Of Work He may also exceed the allowable hours by 2 hours for unexpected adverse driving conditions.

Manual Updates: As legislation changes or as new information is obtained, Carrier Services will continue to update and improve this document. Alberta Log Book Regulations Driver Qualification Files Carriers must maintain driver files for all drivers operating freight vehicles that are registered in the name of the carrier. While Alberta requires inspections for trucks 11,794 kilograms or greater, or for commercial vehicles transporting 11 or more passengers including the driver, other provinces may require the same inspections for trucks However, an Officer may still lay a charge and/or declare a driver out-of-service for significant violations.

The inspection decal must be securely affixed to the outside lower left-hand corner of the side window ensuring it doesn’t obscure visibility of mirror on a truck or truck-tractor, and to Alberta Driver Log Book Regulations Such carriers must have an Alberta SFC displaying a “Provincial” Operating Status. Inspecting or checking the load. 7. Each file should include but not be limited to the following: The driver’s completed application filed with the carrier; A copy of the driver’s abstract dated within 30 days of hiring,

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Therefore, Alberta recommends that carriers operating extra-provincially obtain the required inspection according to the other provinces in which they operate. Red Deer, AB T4N 6K8 Extra-Provincial Authority Intra-Provincial Authority Commercial Bus Operators National Safety Code (403) 340-5444 Size & Weight Permits/TRAVIS (403) 342-7138 Alberta Infrastructure & Transportation 1st Floor Federal Hours Of Service Regulations Time Breaks — A driver is required to take a break of 10 consecutive minutes off duty or non-driving time following 4 consecutive hours of driving, or 30 minutes after 6 Alberta Hours Of Service Oilfield Exemption Contact Us Using this Site Alberta Transportation Drivers and VehiclesCommercial TransportationRoads and HighwaysMunicipal GrantsConsulting and ContractingTechnical ResourcesImpaired DrivingMapsNewsroom A- A+ Alberta.ca Transportation > Commercial Transportation> Bus / Trucks Certificates and Monitoring

The following information still pertains to intraprovincial hours of service in the province. his comment is here This will allow industry and enforcement groups to become familiar with the new requirements. One standard of the NSC program governs limiting a driver’s hours of service so as to help reduce the severity and frequency of fatigue-related collisions involving commercial vehicles and drivers.All jurisdictions Vehicles equipped with a mounted mobile service rig or equipment that is directly used in the operation of a mounted mobile service rig. Alberta Hours Of Service Training

Law — Traffic Safety Act Regulation — Vehicle Inspection Regulation AR 211/2006 Agencies Safety Safety Standards Vehicle Safety Section Traffic Safety Services Division 1st Floor, Atrium 1, Twin Atria Bldg. 4999-98 Print a Copy:To print all or part of this reference guide, select from the list below. This option requires that the driver’s on duty time immediately preceding the off duty time does not exceed 15 hours. http://themotechnetwork.com/hours-of/commercial-vehicle-drivers-hours-of-service-regulations-bc.html Waiting, at the request of the carrier, for the vehicle to be serviced, loaded or unloaded. 8.

It is your responsibility to periodically check to ensure that you have the most recent version. Reviewing New Hours Of Service Logs Information Title PDF Files Power Point Files Last Updated Reference Guide Entire Document (7401 KB) Recommended Hours of Service Presentation.ppt June2008 To print individual modules, select one of the following: Introduction The driver file requirements apply to carriers with Provincial operating status and carriers with Federal operating status.

If the trip, as originally planned, could have been completed within the driver’s allowable hours.

Waiting en route because of an accident involving the vehicle the driver operates or other unplanned event. 11. Procedure — A commercial vehicle shall not be driven unless it has been inspected according to the Vehicle Inspection Regulations within the preceding 12 months. Edmonton, AB T6B 2X3 (780) 427-7508 Fax: (780) 422-9193 Size & Weight Alberta Intrastructure and Transportation Central Permit Office Provincial Bldg. 4920-51 St. Federal Hours Of Service Training Law – Traffic Safety Act, R.S.A. 2000 Regulation — Commercial Vehicle Certificate and Insurance Regulation AR 98/2007; Commercial Vehicle Carrier Profile Regulation, 99/2007 Vehicle Inspections Application — The vehicle inspection requirements

The regulation does not apply to an off-highway vehicle, a transit bus, or a 2-or 3-axle vehicle that is used for the transportation of primary products of a forest, lake, or The following information is offered to assist you with identifying and understanding the regulations: Current Alberta regulation at: http://www.transportation.alberta.ca/525.htm New Federal Hours of Service Regulation at: http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/showtdm/cr/SOR-2005-313 Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours When this is done, the aggregate of driving time immediately before and after each period in the sleeper berth cannot exceed 13 hours. navigate here Emergency Exception — Certain situations may allow a driver to exceed the prescribed duty limits.

The regulations stipulate that a driver may not drive for more than 13 hours or after being on duty 15 hours, without first taking a minimum of 8 consecutive hours off The regulations became effective on January 1, 2007. To assist these companies and individuals, Carrier Services has prepared a comprehensive "reference guide" titled "Alberta Reference Guide for Hours of Service Training Development" to help registered owners of commercial vehicles Limitations — The time that a driver spends driving or doing work-related activities is referred to as “hours of service” or “on duty” time and includes the time spent: 1.

Edmonton, AB T6B 2X3 (403) 340-5444 Fax: (403) 340-4806 Operating Authority, Safety Fitness Certificates, and Carrier Profiles Transport Engineering Branch #401, Provincial Building 4920-51 Street Red Deer, AB T4N 6K8 (780) Checking in or preparing reports at the beginning or end of a work shift. 2. Traveling as a passenger in a vehicle, at the request of the carrier, to a work assignment when the driver has not been off duty for at least 8 consecutive hours Home Government Search Accessibility Site Map Using this Site Privacy Contact Us Government Expense Disclosure © 1995 - 2017 Government of Alberta Copyright and Disclaimer Skip to main content Skip to

Application — In an effort to reduce the potential for driver fatigue, Alberta passed regulations to limit the time that a driver can spend driving as it is an offense to Non-Alberta Certificates — Certificates and/or decals issued by an inspection program in another jurisdiction whose inspection program is similar to Alberta’s inspection program, would be considered in compliance. The inspection certificate must be located within the vehicle. Red Deer, AB T4N 6K8 (403) 340-5225 Fax: (403) 340-5074 Licensing Alberta Treasury Tax and Revenue Administration 9811 -109 St.

A converter dolly’s inspection certificate can be located in either the vehicle towing the converter dolly or located at the principal place of business of the converter dolly’s owner. Waiting for the vehicle or load to be inspected at an inspection check point, weigh scale or customs office. 9. The cumulative time hour rule does not apply to drivers operating point to point in Alberta. Previous VersionsEnabling Act: MOTOR VEHICLE TRANSPORT ACT Notes :See coming into force provision and notes, where applicable.Shaded provisions are not in force.

On January 1, 2007 new federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers’ Hours of Service Regulation were implemented. Carriers who operate a commercial truck that is registered for a gross vehicle weight of more than 4,500 kilograms or a commercial passenger vehicle with a manufactured seating capacity of 11 These carriers must have an Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) displaying a “Federal” Operating Status or an equivalent certificate issued by another jurisdiction. Participating in loading or unloading the vehicle. 6.

Comments on our website? Provincial Carriers Carriers who operate a commercial truck registered for a weight of 11,794 kilograms or more, or a commercial passenger vehicle with a manufactured seating capacity of 11 or more

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