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Press triangle at that door to enable the immunity (No cops!) cheat. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. If you have any unlockables please submit them. There is a door on the very left side of this building, which is facing the other building you are trying to open. have a peek at this web-site

After you hit the barrels turn north west until you come to a sand mound, after you see the sand mound drive on top of it and then you will some You will hear the engines of the cars become extremely high pitched and suddenly, the cars will hit the ground or go through it. Thanx trying to beat "find the clue" 0 1 2 1 ID #1921 **Hey Drivers, I just want to clear something up for unsure drivers, Note 7 : Press L1 and your car will levitate off the ground.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1

Press triangle. Take the second street to the right and then the first one to the left. At the end of the jump, make a 180 degree turn and follow the road between the exits.

Stop Faster: Press Triangle + Circle. It takes like 5 minutes to get to it, but it's worth it most everytime. Press "X" to drive. Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat Infogrames said it would come out early 2002, but I haven't seen it on shelves yet.

At the end of those buildings is an area surrounded by a fence. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities Submitted by: SerialZero on Jun 07, 2003 Verified by: Verify this Report this Gameshark cheats Unlock all cheats and cyties d01c1308 f809 801c130c 0000 Submitted by: Mario on Jul 29, 2002 Jumping Bridge At the beginning of Chicago, wait for 3 seconds and then go straight (full speed). Construction Site In Vegas!

Job Application Hint First, check out the demo video to see how the computer did it. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 AT FIRST I DIDN"T BELEVE IT UNTIL I FOUND THE SWITCH.To all the people who need help on rio missions I'll help you. PES 2017 Preview We Happy Few Preview Release Dates NEW RELEASES Persona 5Release date: Out Now Injustice 2Release date: Out Now Utawarerumono Mask of DeceptionRelease date: 05/23/17 MotoGP 17Release date: 06/15/17 i have been stuck on it for 3 weeks now.Please help me if anyone knows an easier way to beat it.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

Ambulance: located at the airport, drive around there a bit to find it. There is a switch on the right. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 submitted by Simon K Unlock 5th City (London) In Rio drive to the cococapabuana beach and find the man dressed in black there (the man is not always there). Driver 2 Gameshark Codes So if you go into the street again they made an error, there is another Vasquez walking in the street.

Turn the car around and park there. http://themotechnetwork.com/driver-2/cheats-codes-for-driver-2.html The felony meter will go back down to 0. Submitted by: Marlboro- on Nov 30, 2001 Verified by: Black Jones, Some Lazy Driver Verify this Report this Gold Coast Bug: The Exit I read about a bug in Yergin's FAQ Hit that perfect then you should land on another jump on the other side of the wall. Driver 2 Secrets

get in the car and wait to be risen to above ground. Get in and take it for a drive! Press Triangle to flick the switch and the door swings open. Source Go into the base and you get into an underground car park.

Game UpdatesRecent additions Member StatsOur top members Forum PostsLatest posts from the forums Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event B..Are Micro-Events The Future Of Po..Pokemon GO Weekend Grass Event Ki..Did Unown Become Driver 2 Secret Cars Submitted by: alexander on Dec 03, 2007 Verified by: Arthur35 Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat walk in crowd in the wrigleyville stadium first go to the door Drive to the tunnel and follow it til you get to an island on the other side.

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turn right into the grass until you find a meter (looks kind of like a parking meter). Press the button and you should get the car. The game should tell you that you've unlocked a secret area. Driver 2 Secret City Simple!

Note 2 : Press and hold down the button for awhile as the count down begins...the car will go crazy. Or one doller slots. In Chicago, go forward. have a peek here To open this, walk in front of the building and there will be a switch.

Sign Up for free Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes.com first! To access this cheat, select "Gameplay", then "Secrets" at the options screen. Walk over to where it says "Tickets" and press Triangle.

A sign says detour to an alley leading south where you will find a ramp in wich u jump to find a secret area. Once you are near the red car hurry up and stop your car and get out and the get in the red car. Stop Faster Press Triangle + Circle. Copyright © 1997-2017 Cheat Code Central.

Run away somewhere until the sirens stop. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Follow this next street to the end, and turn right. Avoid Police Chases Drive like you are one of the city cars and the police will not follow you unless you hit a car or building.

You will get stuck again and here funny noises of invisible cars go by. Vasquez is in the bathroom and he isnt blacked out or sensored in any way. Nathan Rogers 0 0 2 0 ID #1903 THE BLUE SEMITRUCK IS REAL! If you go at night everything will be lit up.

For the people on the chase the gun man mission, all you do is get in front of him and give him a long brake job.For the people on the last This is how to test your car's maximum speed. Get out of your car and use the switch to open the gate near the crosswalk that you saw earlier. Also see GameShark Codes for more Driver 2 cheat codes.

There are two things you can do from this point.5a) Go into the tunnel that you first see, follow the maze, and you'll eventually find the car. Smiley 0 2 5 1 ID #1949 **Look At this**Hey you guy's the tank of course doesn't work, Come on use your brains. Get in the "Mini" and it then Raises. April Game Releases 2017 Ten Best Buddy Pokemon Options For Pokemon GO Shiny Pokemon Added To Pokemon GO Pokemon GO Water Festival Event Now Live Top pages for this game

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