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the newest software for your JHL90. The biggest problem with my laptop is that there's a cold solder joint in my laptop, where the A/C power comes on. In summary, I used the pcmcia-cs toolkit, which run mostly in user space. The thing that bugs me the most is the tilde (~) key being in the top right hand side of the keyboard. http://themotechnetwork.com/compal-electronics/compal-dl-70-drivers.html

Here's the config file for my kernel. Heck, I don't even know if my CD-ROM still works after all this finangling that I did. With this amount of memory, I almost never have to swap, and price/performance drops off very quickly with more memory. (If you run VMWare, get as much memory as you can English Deutsch; 日本語; Português; Nederlands; Home; Download; Articles; About us; Compal Driver Downloads Select.Official Compal Electronics BIOS JHL90, BIOS JHL91, BIOS JHT00, BIOS JHT01, BIOS NHT02 Free Driver Download.

Compal Bios

Other than that, there's no really good reason to upgrade kernels. Compal Electronics Video Drivers - 73 drivers found JHL90, JHL91, JHT00, JHT01, NHT02 driver, ArcSoft_20TotalMedia.Compal JHL90 Compal KHLB2 Compal N20U Compal N20U2 Compal N30B2 Compal N30B3 Compal N30N3 Compal N30W Compal Compal Electronics, INC. - NB BIOS Drivers. Update: Details of a failed experiment installing a 60 GB disk.

End result: A great deal pain and frustration, nothing worked. If you still screw up your boot sector, and you're using win2k, here's a neat trick I discovered by accident. Select from Folder Menu : Download.Download and update your COMPAL JHL90 1.19 motherboard BIOS - Compal_JHL90 to the latest version.New Compal HL90 HL91 JHL90 JHL91 Keyboard PK1301S0350. Compal Electronics Inc Ultra-handy for me.

No problem, though. Don't quote me on this, but I think the 2.2.18 code has more mature USB stuffs, too. Drivers are compatible with Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows XP operating systems.62 Drivers, Manual and BIOS for Compal JHL90 Notebooks & Tablet PCs. Thanks to Buck for figuring this out for me.

How I figured out this number, I don't know. Compal Electronics India All rights are reserved. Compal Electronics Sound Card Drivers. Seems to have something to do with initialization - if you power up the computer, the driver usually seems to load okay.

Compal Motherboard

It's a bit leaner than the default MDK kernel, too. I might as well have a light obsolete laptop, instead of a heavy one. Compal Bios Winmodem support. Compal Fl92 Drivers World's most popular driver download.COMPAL JHL90 downloaded 4363 times for free.

go here for the drivers. http://themotechnetwork.com/compal-electronics/compal-cr-10-drivers.html the newest software for your JHL90. This behaviour can be toggled in the BIOS. Toggle navigation. Compal Laptop

glTron works, but no tuxracer or quake3. Also, it's pretty quiet as far as laptops go. World's most popular driver download.COMPAL. http://themotechnetwork.com/compal-electronics/compal-90-drivers.html Another tip: If things don't work, try again, as root.

Compal Electronics BIOS Drivers. I've been using Linux for years now, but still consider myself a relative newbie. Investor Relations; Major Corporate Functions; Organizational Chart; Financial Release.Basically, I've been searching far and wide for some Windows seven drivers for this laptop.

Drivers for notebook compal .Genuine Compal HL90 HL91 JHL90 JHL91 Intel Laptop Motherboard LA-4241P.

If you're installing Windows, install that first, because Windows will always clobber the bootloader on the Master Boot Record (MBR). I have no idea how to get hibernate support working. My particular laptop is equipped with 192 MB RAM, 20GB HD, and a 700MHz PIII. I used the phdisk.exe tool provided on the drivers disk.

And that was considered a fat install. X-Win in natural resolution, with any window manager that support virtual windows, bash, emacs, gcc, etc... It allows you to access your ext2/ext3 partitions from Win(9x/2000/XP). weblink UPDATE: [email protected] wrote me to let me know that this is no longer a problem with Redhat 7.3.

You can read our brief discussion. Make sure to get the modified partial open-source driver, though. The kicker is now I have PCMCIA working. Update 2: I did it, worked like a charm.

Includes.Download the latest drivers for your Compal JHL90 to keep your Computer up-to-date.BIOS update, JHL90 Hi, I have been to compal website, and browsed their driver update center, found only ONE Folder Name Date/Time Last Modified KHLBX 2011/3/15 KSW91_01 2011/3/15 KTV00 2011/3/15 NBLB2 2012/1/9 NBLB3_B5 2012/1/9 NCL50 2012/1/9 NCL60_61 2012/1/9 NTUC0 2012/1/9 This file is safe, uploaded from secure source and passed Norton virus scan! ie.

Driver uploaded on 3/2/2017 receiving a 84/100 rating by 3233 users. I recommend the latter. If you know how why this is, or how to fix it, please email me. I tried Powerquest Partion Magic, and Powerquest DriveImage.

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