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So let’s start with a description of each style.  If you are curious about your style, take the quiz and see what your style is!  Then read the descriptions to learn Be moderate. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. situation” ¨ Being domineering or demanding, threatening them with position and power ¨ Debating facts and figures ¨ Bullying them into agreeing - they will resist ¨ Patronising them by using Check This Out

With a better understanding of each style, see how you can master these styles and become a dynamic and powerful communicator and leader! © Astrid Baumgardner 2011 REPRINT I Ways to Decrease Push Seek views. How to Use Communication Styles to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Communication Knowing about the communication styles is helpful in two ways.  First, when you know your own default style, you Tags: amiable, analytical, communication, communication styles, different ways of communicating, driver, expressive, understanding people Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Printable Communication Styles Quiz

Control your enthusiasm. Make decisions based on facts not gut feel. You may well have taken a Myers-Briggs test at some point in your career, or heard other colleagues talking about their test result, which (in shorthand) is expressed as four letters, Select another clipboard × Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already.

Analytical Quick to think and slow to speak, the Analytic person values accuracy in the details and likes to be right.  This is a person who plans thoroughly before deciding to FINDING YOUR PRIMARY STYLE Calculate your scores for Assertiveness and Responsiveness ASSERTIVENESS Add sum of columns 3 and 4 = ……………………….. Jung categorised personalities into ‘types’, and psychologists and management theorists quickly spotted their potential for improving the way we understand and get along with family, friends and colleagues. Analytical Driver Amiable Expressive Quiz What are the four styles? 1.

I have some ideas on how to solve that.  Would you like to discuss this? 2. Communication Styles Survey Then choose the next most like you, give this 2 points. Then find the box that next best describes you and give this 3 points. Add the scores in each vertical column.

Ways to Decrease Pull Be restrained. Communication Style Quiz Assertive Passive Aggressive Spend more time on the relationship. Finally give the box that is ‘least like you’ 1 point. A simple way of personality typing.

Communication Styles Survey

SCORING INSTRUCTIONS Copy your scores from Page 1 to this page. In office environments where Myers-Briggs has become part of the culture, a person’s typology may be included in recruitment processes and team design, with people freely comparing notes on their personality Printable Communication Styles Quiz Think before speaking, reason your point. Communication Style Quiz Worksheet Luckily, Industrial psychologist David Merrill came up with a handy alternative back in 1921, when he realised we could usually ‘type’ people by watching their behaviour.

Avoid chitchat and focus on the bottom-line.  Be clear, concise, focused, relevant, decisive and efficient.  When working with a driver, here is what you would say if you encounter a problem his comment is here Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. This page is intentionally blank Page - 2 - 3. Be prepared to disagree. Communication Style Pdf

Start conversations. Background: Personality types, communication styles and how to use them. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! this contact form COLUMN 1 COLUMN 2 COLUMN 3 COLUMN 4 1 Self reliant … Responsive… Relaxed… Impressive… 2 Expert… Co-operative… Realistic… Creative… 3 Specialist… Supportive… Decisive… Informal… 4 Common sense… Diplomatic… Job centred…

Driver Hard-working and ambitious, drivers tend to be the group leaders who value getting the job done with excellent results.  Drivers are apt to be decisive, competitive, hard driving and good What’s My Communication Style? Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard Cancel Save By understanding the types, and subtly adapting your behaviour to increase the comfort level of the other person, you can increase rapport, relieve discomfort, improve understanding and bridge relationships between colleagues.

Communication Style Questionnaire Your name ………………………………… Working across a whole row at a time, read the four boxes, then find the one that ‘best describes you’ and give this 4 points.

He is interested in information about others’ skills and interests, valuing input from others and welcoming feedback.  In dealing with the Amiable person, be sure to be warm, relaxed, involving, caring When translated into the working world, they can denote how a person likes to be communicated with, and what strengths they bring to a team or a project. Add sum of columns 1 and 2 = ……………………….. (3 and 4) minus (1 and 2) = ……………………….. Personal Communication Style Questionnaire For example: Impressive … 3 … Self reliant … 1 … Relaxed … 2 … Responsive … 4 … NOW COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE 1 Impressive… Self reliant… Relaxed… Responsive… 2 Expert…

Amiable Amiable is the relationship style.  Amiables focus on the feelings of other people and effective collaboration.  People with this style are intuitive and care about how situations “feel”.  They like byDeepika Ramanathan 2836views Share SlideShare Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Email Email sent successfully! Why not share! navigate here Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Plot your position on the diagram where the two intersect each other.

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